Get the most out of saving with Outlook

Pay yourself first: Accelerate your earnings through pre-authorized contributions to your High Interest Savings Account. Then transfer your funds to an Outlook Cashable GIC once you reach the $1,000 minimum deposit amount.

Keep it simple with direct deposit: You can arrange to have government and other cheques deposited directly into your account. For example, you could have your tax return deposited directly to your Outlook account.

Diversify to reduce risk: Market ups and downs are unpredictable, so rather than putting all of your financial eggs in one basket, spread the risks over differing term lengths by staggering your GIC maturity dates so that all your money doesn't come due at the same time.

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Rates effective
Apr 19, 2024

  • 3.60% Savings
  • 5.00% 1 Year Term
  • 4.40% 5 Year Term
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