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Your interest starts growing immediately when you make virtually-instant deposits at an AccuLink credit union ATM.

Your Outlook debit card gives you instant ability to make deposits at most ATMs in North America displaying the Interac, Cirrus, AccuLink and Plus symbols. If you live in Manitoba, use any Manitoba Credit Union ATM. You can also withdraw funds and check balances—and you'll avoid paying Interac fees. Outside of Manitoba, save money on Interac fees by withdrawing funds at Canadian credit union machines displaying the AccuLink symbol.

Looking for an AccuLink machine in your area? Check the Credit Union Central ATM locator. When you do the search, select the AccuLink network under Step 2.

Please note:

  • You should not rely on using your Outlook debit card at ATMs outside of Canada and the U.S. as international ATMs often only recognize chequing accounts.
  • There is a 10-day hold on new Outlook deposits.
  • Credit union ATMs do not process U.S. cash or cheques. Deposits need to be in Canadian funds. 


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