What is Secure Email and why should I use it?

Secure Email is email that is encrypted. Email encryption is the process of protecting the content of email messages (containing restricted confidential data) from being read by unintended recipients. Only the recipient with the personalized link provided by the Secure Email can read the message.

More than 90% of targeted cyber attacks start with email. Secure Email provides multiple layers of security to stop malware and non-malware threats, such as email fraud.

When should I use Secure Email?

Use Secure Email whenever you need to send personal identifiable and financial information to an Assiniboine Credit Union representative.

How do I retrieve a Secure Email?

You will be sent a Secure Email by an OF representative to the email address you provided. You will have to login to Secure Email in order to retrieve it.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on accessing your Secure Email.

Can I send a Secure Email to anyone?

No. You can only respond to Secure Emails from the OF Representative that originally contacted you.

If I reply to a Secure Email, is my reply also encrypted?

Yes. When you reply to an email while in your Secure Email account, your response is also encrypted.

Is additional information being captured about me when I use Secure Email?

No. The only information we collect is what member’s enter when creating an account. It is only used for authentication purposes.

Can I change my email for Secure Email?

Yes. You will have to ask your OF representative to send an activation email to a different email address if needed.

If I get a new email address, do I need to register again?


How do I de-activate the Secure Email service

To de-activate your account, please contact the OF representative you have been in contact with or contact us here and we'll will put in a request for you.

What is my email size limit?

The attachment limit for Secure Email is 25 megabytes.

What do I do if I didn’t receive the Secure Email in my personal email inbox?

Please check your spam or junk folder. If it is still not there, please contact the OF representative who originally sent you the Secure Email.

I can’t find an old message, where is it?

For security reasons, Secure Emails will automatically delete after 30 days. You cannot delete Secure Emails.

I forgot my password, what are the steps to change my password?

If you forget your password, select “Forgot Password”. You will be prompted to reset your password.

I’m locked out of my account/forgot my answer to my security question, what should I do?

For security reasons, you will be locked out of your Secure Email account if an incorrect username and/or password is entered three times. Please select “Forgot my password” to reset your password. Should you need further assistance, please contact the OF representative you were originally corresponding with or contact us here.

What browser should I use to access Secure Emails?

OF’s Secure Email portal supports all modern browsers including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and Safari. If you are having trouble accessing the portal, please update to the latest browser version offered by the developer.

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