Email Security

Outlook Financial a division of Assiniboine Credit Union, introduced email marketing to keep members up-to-date with Outlook Financial offers, news and more. We will only send you information you have requested, when we have consent to do so. To ensure your email communications are secure, please note the following:

  • Our email marketing communications come from
  • Outlook Financial will never ask you to enter your password or financial information through email or send such information in an email
  • All of our marketing emails have an unsubscribe option in the footer
  • All communications follow CASL compliance
  • We will never send you third-party marketing emails or use your email for any marketing you haven't agreed upon receiving
  • We will never share your email address outside of Outlook Financial
  • If you are unsure or would like to report any suspicious requests, contact an Outlook Financial Representative at any time

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Jun 28, 2024

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