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Outlook Financial's Online Banking gives you secure, anytime online access to your accounts and bill payment services.

You can log in to Online Banking using the Login button on the right side of the web page.

Using Online Banking, you can:

  • Access your account information any time
  • Check account balances
  • Obtain account activity for a select account or for all accounts including transaction date, description of transaction, transaction amount, account balance and other transaction details
  • Access your e-statements
  • Transfer funds between accounts and memberships (agreement must be signed)
  • Pay bills and view your updated accounts at the same time
  • Delete same day bill payments
  • Add or delete bill payment vendors
  • View and print all details on both the front and back of cleared cheques
  • Place an order for cheques

What you need to use Online Banking

  • Access to the Internet.
  • A debit card with a Personal Access Code (PAC).
  • A personal computer with a minimum 800 x 600 display resolution.
  • A web browser with 128-bit encryption (see online banking browser requirements)

Sign up for Online Banking

Call an Outlook Financial Representative at 1.877.958.7333 and tell us that you want to sign up. After asking you some identification questions, we will give you a Personal Access Code (PAC) right away and then you will have immediate access.

To start using Online Banking

You can access Online Banking from any page of the Outlook Financial website.

  1. The first time you log in, a Direct Service Agreement appears. You must read and accept the agreement in order to use Online Banking.
  2. On the first login page, enter your 16-digit Outlook debit card number (no spaces), and click Login.
  3. On the second login page, enter your Personal Access Code (PAC) you received from us, and click Login.
  4. Change your PAC to an alphanumeric code you’ll remember that’s between nine and thirty characters long.
  5. Online Banking takes you to the page where you are able to complete authentication information that will be used in future logins.

Member-to-Member Transfer feature

You can transfer funds to another member’s account at Outlook. First you must sign a Member-to-Member Transfer Agreement giving us the go-ahead to set up the transfer from your account to the other membership.

e-Statement feature

e-Statements are identical to our old paper statements - including cheque images - but offer the added convenience of paperless storage, secure anytime access and receipt of your statement sooner than by mail. There is no need to print copies for your records; e-statements are archived for seven years from date of issue, starting January 1, 2009.

Bill payment feature

You can pay your bills online using Online Banking. Just select from the list of over 6000 local and national vendors.

After you sign in, click on the Payments tab where you can add or change bill payees. You can then select Pay Bills to pay your bills today, or to set up future-dated payments.

Steps for Easy Bill Payment

  1. Click on the Payments tab at the top of the Online Banking page.
  2. Click on the Pay From drop down arrow to display all available accounts. Click on the account from which to pay the bill(s).
  3. Under Pay Payee, click the checkbox beside each payee you wish to pay. The Payment Date will default to today's date. You can choose a future date if required.
  4. Insert the amount.
  5. Click on Pay Bills to proceed with the payment.

After you sign in to Online Banking, you can make changes to your bill payee list. Click on Pay Bills and then choose Add Payee or Delete Payee to make changes.

Technical support

If you need technical support, contact an Outlook Financial Representative at 1.877.958.7333 (8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 4pm Saturday, CST) or e-mail


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