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We are committed to protecting the security of your account information. When you use our secure forms, or use Online Banking, we put in place security features to ensure you can conduct your banking in a safe and private online environment.

You can also find out more about how our privacy policies and practices protect your personal information.

  • We use Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption for our Online Banking and online forms. Private data sent from you to us over the internet is encrypted during transit between your computer and our server, and cannot be read or changed. This type of encryption is a banking standard.
  • We have firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to our internal systems. Data coming to us from your computer via the internet goes through a series of safety checkpoints so that only authorized messages and transactions enter our computer systems.
  • We physically secure our internal servers, telecommunications systems and service centres, so your personal and financial information is protected physically as well as digitally.
  • Your Personal Access Code (PAC) for Online Banking, and your Personal Identification Number (PIN) are inaccessible to us. We never ask you to reveal them.
  • Our Online Security Question and Answer is used to identify you, and prevent others from impersonating you, both when you use our online forms or when we are talking with you on the telephone.
  • When you open a membership or set up an electronic transfer or pre-authorized contribution, we ask you for a personalized cheque from another financial institution you are currently dealing with. This is to ensure the accuracy of your personal information and is a requirement due to the implementation of the federal Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act.
  • We never send or ask you to submit or confirm sensitive personal information over email, because email is not a secure form of internet communication.
  • All of our employees are required to pass an annual compliance test on the subject of Privacy. It’s part of how we train and reinforce the importance we place on member information.



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