At Outlook Financial, we take the protection of your personal information very seriously and so should you.

While we are doing all we can to safeguard your information, there are also important measures you can take to protect yourself when you use Online Banking.

Our online banking platform is provided by one of our credit union partners, Central 1 Credit Union. Central 1 follows ISO 27001, an international standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) which is recognized as a best practice. Most auditors will use the ISO (or similar) framework in an audit when they look at information security, even if the organization is not using the framework. Central 1 is one of only three financial organizations in Canada to hold the ISO 27001 certification.  Their Information Security Management Systems are assessed by an objective third-party auditor, the British Standards Institute (BSI) Americas. Security measures are regularly reviewed to ensure continued compliance with the ISO 27001 standard every 6 months.


If you become aware of any loss, theft, or unauthorized use of your banking access data or information, contact us immediately.

  • During regular business hours, contact us at 1.877.958.7333.
    Outlook Financial regular business hours are
    Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm CST
    Saturday 9am to 4pm CST
  • Outside of business hours, call 1.877.958.7333 option 2 and request that your debit card which gives you online access be cancelled. You can then contact us on the next business day to arrange for a new debit card and we can assist you with any ongoing concerns you may have. 


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