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Service Fees

Our fees reflect both the self-serve nature of Outlook Financial and the view that Outlook is designed for high-rate savings and not day-to-day transactional banking.

Service fees effective: February 2015
Fees are subject to change without notice.




High-Interest Savings Account


Cheques/Interac direct payment/ATM withdrawals/preauthorized debits/bill payment/transfers:

1 free per month, and $1.00 each additional debit



Additional Fees


Automated Teller Machine Withdrawals


Manitoba Credit Union ATM

No additional fee

Manitoba Non-Credit Union ATM


Out-of-Province ding free ATM

     No additional fee

Out-of-Province non-ding free ATM




International ATM (outside North America)


**Please note that many ATMs outside of Canada do not process withdrawals from savings accounts.




Canadian Drafts




Chargebacks/Returned Items


Non Sufficient Funds cheque deposit returned to the account


Non Sufficient Funds returned item




Closing Accounts


On closing (includes sending draft or cheque)


Within 3 months of opening




Courier Fees


In Manitoba


Outside Manitoba






Manitoba Credit Union ATM


Automatic (e.g. payroll)


Automatic transfers from another institution




Non-MICR Encoded Cheques


Using non-Outlook Financial cheques






Transfer-out fee


Maintenance Enforcement Garnishment Order Payment

Up to $250.00/order

Duplicate T4RRSP/T4RRIF/NR4 slip


T3 filing by Concentra Financial


Concentra Financial Payout Consultation


(Effective March 31, 2018)


Stop Payment


Stop payment - Telephone Banking


Stop payment - using Outlook Representative


Pre-authorized debit stop (only available using Outlook Representative)


Additional fee when stopped


Stop payment on Online Banking

Not available



Interac e-Transfers


Sending Interac e-Transfer *


Receiving Interac e-Transfer *


* Standard texting and data rates may apply



For more information on service fees, contact us.

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Feb 2, 2018

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