Staying on top of your account activity can help you save more

Outlook Financial's Online Banking provides you with secure, anytime online access to your accounts and semi-annual e-statement.

At Outlook, we understand that you're probably not using your account daily, so it might not occur to you to check what's happening with your savings. However, it might be helpful to create a reminder in your calendar around the time that your Cashable GIC matures, especially if the investment was set up a number of years ago.

Sometimes plans change, and if you want to roll a GIC into a new one or change the length of an investment, it's best if you let us know before it matures. However, you have two weeks following maturity to make a change. By staying on top of your maturing investments, you have the opportunity to make the changes you want, allowing you to take advantage our better rates and terms that meet your needs.

The first page of your Outlook Financial e-statement contains a summary of all accounts. Detailed information can be found on the following pages, including interest rate, term length, maturity date and interest earned for each GIC.

If you would like to change your GIC renewal instructions, please contact us.

Learn more about Outlook's Online Banking here.

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