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If you are an existing member and would like to add an additional account owner(s) to your High-Interest Savings account(s) or non-registered GIC(s), you must complete the Change of Personal Account Ownership form.

Please note that you will require Adobe Reader to complete PDF forms. The PDF Reader is available from Adobe, which is a third party service provider. You will exit the Outlook Financial website and open a new browser tab by clicking on the following link. To proceed, download the free PDF reader here [].

Print and send the form by mail to the following address:

  Outlook Financial
  Box 2, Station Main
  Winnipeg MB R3C 2G1

If person(s) being added are existing member(s):

If person(s) being added are not existing member(s):

  • If one or more person(s) are not existing member(s) they MUST use the ‘Apply Now’ link on the Outlook Financial website and fill out/submit the member application form.
  • Once the new membership has been activated, the Change of Personal Account Ownership form can be completed as per the instructions above.

If you would like to remove an account owner(s) from your High-Interest Savings account(s) or non-registered GIC(s), please contact an Outlook Financial Representative for assistance. 

Note: You cannot add additional account owners to your registered investments. All registered products such as a TFSA, RRSP and RRIF are individually owned. If you wish to add or change your beneficiary you must complete a Designation of Beneficiary form.

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