Strategies to maximize your return.

Here are a few simple strategies that will help you maximize your savings.

Contribute early and often
Starting when you're young, contributing every year and making your annual RRSP and TFSA contributions early in the year makes a substantial difference in your investment growth.

Pay yourself first
By making regular contributions through our Pre-Authorized Contribution Plan, you benefit from the powerful effects of compounding. Even the smallest regular contribution of $25 will make a difference, without hurting your budget.

Consider a spousal RRSP
Two people working toward a shared retirement can decrease the amount of tax they pay throughout their investment lifetime and can also balance retirement income, despite imbalance during their working years.

Minimize your taxes
Reduce your taxable income while you grow your savings tax-sheltered in your RRSP or TFSA.

Longer term, great return
By getting a longer-term Outlook Cashable GIC, you get the best of our attractive rates, avoid market volatility and you can relax knowing that your investment is not only predictable and profitable, but also secure.

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