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Mobile Web FAQ

What is Mobile Web?
Mobile Web is a service that allows you to access your accounts on any web-enabled phone with optimized speeds. It is also designed to fit on your phone's screen.

How is Mobile Web different from online banking?
Mobile Web offers the primary online banking functions, optimized for the small screen size of a mobile phone.

What can I do on Mobile Web? What functions can I perform?
Mobile Web gives you full access to your accounts; many of the functions you normally use on Online Banking will be available.

See the list of Mobile Web functions below:

  • Manage memorized accounts
  • View account balances and summaries
  • Access account activity (15 days of account history)
  • View and manage scheduled bill payments and scheduled transfers
  • Setup bill payments (both immediate and scheduled one-time payments)
  • Setup transfer funds (both immediate and scheduled one-time transfers)

Do I need a smart phone to access Mobile Web?
No, Mobile Web works on any web-enabled phone. It doesn't matter what kind of mobile phone you have as long as you can use it to open and view web pages.

What does it cost to use Mobile Web?
ACU does not charge for the Mobile Web service. Consult your service provider for details on data rates etc. If you access Mobile Web on a free Wi-Fi connection, you are not charged data rates, the same as using internet banking on a PC.

Where can I access Mobile Web?
There is a link on the Online Banking login page.

Will Online Banking detect my phone and allow me to access Mobile Web automatically?
No, Mobile Web is a separate website. Please access the Mobile Web login by visiting THIS SITE on your mobile phone. If you are on a computer, please continue to log in using Online Banking (

What do I need to sign-up for Mobile Web?
All you need is to be set up on Online Banking and a mobile phone with a data plan or an accessible Wi-Fi connection.

How do I view my scheduled bill payments and scheduled transfers?
From the main menu, click on My Accounts. Your scheduled transfers and payments will appear here along with your current account balances.

What is the messages function? Why is my messages summary empty?
The messages feature is not currently functional. Please stay tuned for updates.

How do I access advanced banking functions such as: viewing e-statements, setting up new bill payees, managing recurring payments & transfers, viewing older account activity, or changing my personal information?
Mobile Web is designed to offer you on-the-go access to the banking features you use the most. Some of the more advanced features are not available on Mobile Web and will require you to access Online Banking (

What if my phone can access the internet but does not have a data plan? Will Mobile Web work on it?
Mobile Web is designed for phones that use a data plan or that access the internet via Wi-Fi. Please refer to your service provider if you are experiencing data access problems.

Does Mobile Web work on older mobile phones?
Mobile Web will work on most mobile phones that are less than 5 years old and support web browsing. If you are experiencing problems, please contact your mobile carrier (e.g. MTS, TELUS, Rogers) for details on fees, accessibility, and delivery time.

Will Mobile Web work outside Canada?
Mobile Web is designed to work on mobile phones from a Canadian mobile carrier on a Canadian mobile network. However, if your Canadian mobile carrier has a roaming agreement with a foreign carrier, you can expect Mobile Web to work. Please note that service outside of Canada is on a best-efforts basis only.

Do I still have access to the regular version of Online Banking?
Yes, you will always have access to Online Banking. Mobile Web does not replace Online Banking, but only optimizes it for your phone. You can still access Online Banking from our homepage (

Does Mobile Web work on all Internet browsers?
Yes, Mobile Web is available on all Internet browsers.

What if a I receive an HTTP error 400 error message on my BlackBerry when attempting to access Mobile Web?
During testing we found that switching the browser on the BlackBerry from BlackBerry Browser to Internet browser resolved this issue and allowed access to Mobile Web. Only some BlackBerry phones had this problem and switching the Internet browser appeared to resolve the problem.

Can I take screenshots, save, or email my information on Mobile Web?
The ability to save, email, or take screenshots depends on your mobile phone and the applications you have installed on it. Please refer to your phone's user guide or contact your wireless carrier for help with these functions.

How does Mobile Web differ from a downloading an app from the Apple iTunes App Store?
The downloadable app from the Apple App store would only work on an Apple product. Mobile Web functions on any mobile phone with a desktop-class browser and is not limited to one phone. While there are some benefits to downloadable apps, and ACU will look at developing them at a later time, Mobile Web service is available on a larger number of phones.

How do I access Mobile Web next time? Do I need to keep navigating to ACU's homepage?
Mobile Web can be saved as a favorite on your mobile phone and can be accessed directly through your favourites in the future.

Is my banking information compromised if I lose my phone?
Your accounts can only be accessed with the correct login credentials, so even if your phone is lost, your banking information remains secure.

Is my personal information as secure through Mobile Web as it is through online banking?
Yes, personal information is just as secure through Mobile Web Banking as it is through online banking. The login is password protected.

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