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Improve your online security by receiving notification for certain Online Banking activities via text message or email.

By signing up for Alerts you're signing up for increased peace of mind. You can receive notification when any or all of the following events take place on your Online Banking:


  1. Your online banking account is logged into.
  2. A new bill payment vendor is added to your account.
  3. Your Online Banking Personal Access Code (PAC) is changed.
  4. A new Interac e-Transfer recipient is added to your acount.


It's easy and it's free. (Standard text messaging and data rates may apply, depending on your provider and plan.)

Alerts uses email-to-text technology and works on all text-enabled phones.

Alerts are secure. Personal and financial information is never sent, and account nicknames are set up to be used if more specific detail is needed.

If you lose your phone or your email address is compromised, no one will be able to make changes to your account, steal funds, or find your personal information through this feature. You can also cancel or temporarily disable Alerts through Online Banking at any time.

Ready to sign up?

Using Alerts is easy. All you need is access to Online Banking. If you don't have access to Online Banking, visit the Online Banking page

If you already use Online Banking:


  1. Log in to Online Banking.
  2. Click My Profile and choose Alerts on the left hand side of the page.
  3. Click Register for Alerts, and read the Alerts Agreement. By clicking I Agree you'll be brought to the Alerts Contacts page.
  4. To add a phone number, have your mobile phone handy and click Add Phone. Enter your mobile phone number, and select your carrier.
    1. A passcode will be sent to your phone. Enter the passcode on Online Banking and click Continue. This registers your phone number, but doesn't sign you up for the alerts you wish to receive. Please see step 6 below.

  5. To add an email address, click Add Email on the Alerts Contact pages.
    1. Enter the email address you would like the alerts to be sent to and click Continue.

    2. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided. This registers your email address, but doesn't sign you up for the alerts you wish to receive.

  6. Now you can sign up for the alerts you want sent to you. Click Alerts and check the box next to the alerts you wish to receive. You can choose which alerts go to which contact (phone or email). Click Submit then Confirm when you've set the alerts the way you want.
  7. If you'd like to change the nicknames for your accounts, click Alerts Contacts, and then Edit. Make the changes, and remember to click Submit when you're done.


Depending on your mobile phone carrier, you may have to register your phone to receive email-to-text messages. As well, certain carriers require users to text "Read" in response to the initial alert before the message will be displayed.

More information

Due to potential carrier and internet service interruptions, it cannot be guaranteed that you will receive the alerts. If you have any concerns about your accounts, please visit the Alerts History, which can be found on Online Banking under My Profile.

If you have questions that haven't been answered here, please check out the FAQ, or contact an Outlook Financial Representative if necessary.

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