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Member Information Access and Privacy Concerns

Members have a right to access their personal information Outlook Financial has in our possession.

In the event you

  • wish to access your personal information, or
  • if you have a complaint or concern related to privacy,

please print and complete the following Member Information Access and Privacy Concern Form and fax to (1.877) 958.8655, or mail to the Privacy Office at:

  Privacy Office
  Assiniboine Credit Union
  Box 2, Station Main
  Winnipeg MB R3C 2G1

The Privacy Office will respond to your request or complaint within 30 days. If there are any costs associated with the information gathering, we will notify you in advance.

If you suspect theft or fraud

Do not use this form for theft or fraud. If you suspect the theft of your identity in any way, or suspect that your private information has been stolen, please report it immediately.

Questions? Call us at (1.877) 958.7333.

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