RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a way to distribute updated information from websites.

On the Outlook website you can request that any rate changes are sent to you when the rates change. This information is delivered through RSS.

The way it works

When you click on the Outlook RSS Feed icon, your RSS reader or your browser gives you a sample of the rates information that is available through the RSS feed. You are also given the opportunity to "Subscribe to this feed". If you subscribe, your RSS reader or browser will check for rate information on the schedule you set (default is usually one day). When rates change, you are notified by your RSS feed - without having to check the Outlook website.

How to use it

  1. Click on the Outlook RSS Feed icon and view the summary of what the RSS feed is about.
  2. To receive the RSS feed whenever the information is updated, you must choose to subscribe to the feed.
  3. To view the feed content, follow the instructions in your specific browser or RSS reader.


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