New TFSA Contribution Room for 2013

The new TFSA contribution limit for 2013 is $5,500. Please keep in mind that the limit for each year prior to 2013 was $5,000. This means that the total amount you can invest in TFSAs to the end of 2013 is $25,500.

It's up to you to track your TFSA contribution limits, so please be sure you are not over-contributing. Over-contributions are subject to a 1% per month penalty tax until the funds are removed from the TFSA or additional room becomes available with a new calendar year.

If you're unsure of your contribution room, you can verify your limits in one of the following ways:

  1. Call the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)'s TIPS line at 1.800.267.6999.
  2. Use CRA's My Account.
  3. Use CRA's Quick Access.


To contribute to your Outlook TFSA, fill out the Deposit Form and mail it and a cheque to us.
If you don't have an Outlook TFSA yet, you can learn how to open a TFSA here. Or if you already have an Outlook TFSA and would like to transfer your TFSAs from another financial institution to Outlook, fill out the Direct Transfer-In form.

Completed forms and cheques should be mailed to:
Outlook Financial
Box 2, Station Main
Winnipeg MB R3C 2G1

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