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Why RRSPs?

A Registered Retirement Savings Plan is exactly what it seems to be, a savings plan meant to maximize your retirement income, with income tax incentives that make it the most attractive choice for Canadians. However, RRSPs can also be used for the two of the best long-term personal investments you can ever make – buying a first home or paying for education.

The Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) and Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) allow you to take money out of your RRSP without penalty, and with repayment terms that make the plans attractive options for those who might otherwise wonder whether they should start saving for retirement.

Making your maximum RRSP contribution each year is the best way to get tax advantages now while you save for your retirement. And once your RRSP is in place, make the most of it with regular and affordable pre-authorized contributions. Your investment will grow faster, and you’ll avoid the RRSP season rush.

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Aug 5, 2020

  • 1.50% Savings
  • 1.70% 1 Year Term
  • 2.10% 5 Year Term
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