Our product line has changed!

First, we just want to say thanks for your patience as we made changes to the website over the November 17 weekend.

We’ve made some changes to our Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) product line. Cashable GICs will no longer be available for purchase. Like many other financial institutions, Outlook has updated our GIC offerings. As of today, November 18, 2019, Outlook Financial only offers Fixed GICs. Fixed GICs are not redeemable prior to their maturity date, and interest is paid or reinvested in your Fixed GIC on an annual basis.

New to Outlook Financial?

Please check out our product line and service offerings, and see how Outlook Financial can benefit you. Whether you need regular GICs, or TFSAs, RRSPs, or RRIFs, we offer a 100% guarantee on your investments, no matter how large or small your investment may be. Learn more. And become a member.

Do you currently have GICs with Outlook Financial?

Please note that this change does not affect any GICs purchased before November 18, 2019. Any Cashable GICs purchased before November 18, 2019 will remain cashable for their entire term, and the interest frequency will not change.

These changes will only impact you if you choose to purchase new GICs, or if you’re considering to renew your current GICs. The following conditions will now apply:

  • Any NEW GICs you purchase will be invested as Fixed GICs.
  • Any Cashable GICs will be converted to Fixed GICs upon maturity and interest will be paid or reinvested in your Fixed GIC annually.

Want to make some changes?

It’s important that you review your current GIC maturity instructions. You can do so by calling us at 1.877.958.7333.

To change your instructions, go to outlookfinancial.com and select MEMBER SERVICES > MANAGE MY INVESTMENTS > Change GIC maturity instructions to complete the Maturity Instructions Form. You will need your 12-digit account number, and for registered products (TFSAs, RRIFs, RRSPs), your contract number, which can be found in your online banking account details.

Thank you for investing with us at Outlook Financial.


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