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Elections 2019

As a division of Assiniboine Credit Union, Outlook Financial is governed by the democratic principles and financial regulations of the Manitoba credit union system.

When you choose to do business with Outlook Financial, you become a member of Assiniboine Credit Union, the parent company of Outlook, and as such you have a vote and a say in how the credit union is run, how profits are invested, and who represents you on our Board of Directors.

Election packages have been mailed out to all members eligible to vote.

  • Voting ends at 3pm February 28, 2019.
  • You can vote online. Click Your Vote Counts. You'll be led to the Assiniboine Credit Union website where you can find a link to the secure voting site, and further information about candidates. Candidates are available to answer questions between January 29 and February 26, 2019. Please submit your question by email directly to a candidate at the email address that will be provided on the candidates' pages.
  • Check the important dates and deadlines leading up to the Annual Meeting.
  • Link to the Annual Meeting page.

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