Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my High Interest Savings Account for all of my banking?

Your High-Interest Savings Account is designed as an investment tool, not to conduct day-to-day transactions, which is why we offer only one free debit per month. However, we have included the convenience of cheques, debit-card payments and electronic bill payment for the benefit of members who may occasionally need them.

What about fees?

A current list of fees is included on this website.

How do I make deposits?

You can make deposits at most credit union ATMs. When choosing how to make deposits, keep in mind that ATM deposits are recognized almost immediately, so your money grows faster than if you make your deposits by mail.

You can also arrange to have direct deposits of payroll or government cheques to your savings account. As well, contact us and we can arrange an automatic deposit from any other financial institution.

full list of ways to deposit money is included on this website.

Are there any restrictions on my funds?

Outlook Financial only accepts cheques in Canadian funds drawn on Canadian financial institutions. After you deposit a cheque, we place a hold on those funds for 10 days for security reasons. The daily ATM cash limit is $400 Canadian. Debit-card purchases are limited to $1,500 Canadian daily.

How do I order more cheques?

After your first order, please order additional cheques through Online Banking. If there are no changes to the information on your cheques, call 1.888.917.1231 to order more cheques directly or complete the online order form. If you have changes, contact Outlook Financial.

Are my deposits safe?

Yes. All your Outlook Financial deposits and interest are 100% guaranteed without limit by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba.

Are my transactions safe?

Yes. Online Banking and Telephone Banking require the use of secure passwords known only to you. When you phone us, we require you to supply us with a security phrase by which we can identify you.

Can I do my Outlook transactions at a branch of Assiniboine Credit Union?

No. We can offer exceptional rates because we do not manage Outlook Financial through a branch network. Our Outlook Financial Representatives offer personalized service by phone, and we provide many lower-cost ways to manage your savings so you can earn higher returns.

Why are my deposits going to a box number?

Since we have no branch facilities, we selected a box number as the most secure way to receive our Members’ transactions.

Can my business or organization open an Outlook Financial account?

No. Outlook Financial accounts are personal accounts only.

Who do I talk to if I have more questions?

You can reach an Outlook Financial Representative. Contact us.


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