Shared Returns

September 2012

Welcome to the new online Shared Returns e-news

If you're a long-time Outlook member, you may recall the Shared Returns newsletter we used to mail out. Our new online version will be just as informative, but will allow us to provide you with time-sensitive information. It is also easy and convenient for you to access - especially if you subscribe to our RSS news feed.             

Taking our newsletter online is one more step in our commitment to using technology to streamline how Outlook delivers useful information to you. This latest initiative follows on the heels of our website improvements and our move to allow you to manage your Outlook investments easily and securely online – at your convenience.

From the onset, we've used technology to eliminate the extra expenses associated with maintaining a branch network. Saving on the paper, printing and postage necessary to publish our newsletter adds to our ability to continue to deliver some of Canada's highest rates while being more environmentally responsible.

Say good-bye to paper statements
Who needs paper statements when you can already view your Outlook e-statement online any time? To cancel your paper statements, simply speak to an Outlook Financial Representative. For more information on the advantages of paperless statements, click here.

So keep an eye open for our regular news postings, right here at

Q: Why is the Outlook newsletter is called 'Shared Returns'?


A: Outlook Financial is a division of Assiniboine Credit Union, one of Canada's most respected financial institutions. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba Assiniboine is a successful financial co-operative with a national reputation for being financially sound and socially, environmentally and ethically responsible. When you choose Outlook Financial, you become a member of Assiniboine with all the rights and privileges of co-op membership. For example, you have a share and an equal voice in making decisions – such as electing the Board of Directors. When you choose Outlook Financial for your savings, you are in good company. Learn more about Assiniboine Credit Union here. So, you see? When you invest in Outlook Financial, you're supporting the good work done by Assiniboine Credit Union. In turn, your support enables us to offer you top returns on your savings. We're sharing in each other's success. Welcome to Shared Returns.

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