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Increased Authentication for Online Banking

Outlook Online Banking has become even safer with the introduction of an enhanced security feature, called Increased Authentication.

Why are we doing this?

  • Increased Authentication adds site identification to protect you from fraudulent “phishing” schemes that can mimic the banking system and steal passwords.
  • Increased Authentication adds more ways to verify your identity, making it harder for an online thief to gain access to your account.
  • Increased Authentication also makes it possible to set up your home computer to identify itself to the banking system, speeding up your login process while still maintaining an enhanced level of security.

Do I have to register for Increased Authentication?

Yes. In order to ensure the integrity and safety of our online banking service all members must register for Increased Authentication. Mandatory registration began April 6, 2011, after a transition period of approximately 30 days.

Has my login procedure changed?

Yes. When you go to the Online Banking login page, you enter only your MemberCard number. Your Personal Access Code (PAC) is entered later. And, if you haven't already registered, you will be prompted to register for Increased Authentication as soon as you log in.

Everything else stays the same – the login website, your MemberCard login number, and your Personal Access Code (PAC).

Where do I register for Increased Authentication?

When you log in to Online Banking, you will be prompted to register for Increased Authentication. This will lead you to the Increased Authentication page, where you will choose an image, a caption, and security questions with answers that are used in future logins.

What do I need to enter when registering?

After you log in and get to the Increased Authentication page, follow these four steps.

  1. Select a security image from a series of images presented to you. You will have lots of choices.
  2. Enter a security caption that you type in yourself. It can be short, but it should be something you recognize when you see it.
    The next time you log in to Online Banking, both the security image and caption will be displayed AFTER you enter your MemberCard number, but BEFORE you enter your Personal Access Code (PAC). If the system doesn’t present both the security image and caption to you, you know you’re not on the official Outlook Online Banking website (or the site may be temporarily offline), and you should not enter your PAC.
  3. Select your 3 security questions and provide 3 answers to the questions.
    Once registered, one of these questions would be presented to you if you are logging in to Online Banking from a computer that you haven’t registered.
  4. Choose whether to register the computer you are presently using by clicking the checkbox presented on the screen. Do not register a public computer or any other computer that you believe could be insecure.
    By selecting the checkbox, a “cookie” will be placed on your computer which Online Banking will recognize as a trusted computer, and you will not be asked one of the security questions when you log in.

Please note: if you choose to delete browser cookies on a registered computer, the next time you log in, Outlook Online Banking will ask you one of your security questions. By re-registering the computer, you can again skip the question.

What happens after I register for Increased Identification?

You log in very much like you did before. The banking login page is in the same place you usually find it. Your MemberCard number and Personal Access Code stay the same. However, the login takes place on two screens, not one.

  1. At the login page, enter your MemberCard number like you usually do, and click Login. (There’s no place to enter your Personal Access Code; that comes later.)
  2. If you haven’t registered the computer you are using, you will answer one of your security questions.
  3. At the next screen, you need to look at the picture and caption. It MUST be the picture and caption that you chose. If it is not, DO NOT proceed.
  4. If the picture and caption is correct, enter your Personal Access Code and click Login.

To learn more, read the Increased Authentication Frequently Asked Questions.

We remain vigilant in our efforts to safeguard members from fraud and online crime, and the new Increased Authentication feature is one way we’re making online banking even more secure.

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